Ajin is a celebrated anime featuring an enigmatic “Ajin” mythology, where an entity revives upon death, defying mortality. The manga of Ajin was penned by the talented Gamon Sakurai and subsequently adapted into the anime in 2016. This captivating series was brought to life by the renowned Polygon Studio and obtained licensure from Sentai Filmworks. Moreover, Netflix acquired the streaming rights to broadcast the enthralling tale.

The anime comprises 26 enthralling episodes, divided into two captivating parts, constituting the current two seasons. Season two graced the screens of local channels such as MBS, CBC, TBS, and BS-TBS from 8th October 2016 to 24th December 2016, eventually becoming available on Netflix from 27th December 2016.

Enthusiasts still eagerly ponder whether a third season of this mesmerizing anime will come to fruition. Let us delve into the intricate details.

The Plotline of Ajin: Demi-Human

“Ajin,” enigmatic immortals who first emerged in Africa 17 years ago, pose a dire threat to humanity. Endowed with powers that can be wielded for malevolence and invincibility, Ajin defy obliteration. Once an Ajin is publicly identified, immediate apprehension and confinement ensue.

Kei Nagai, an ambitious high school student aspiring to become a doctor, is only acquainted with Ajin through news reports. Unlike other students, Nagai’s class is unaware that Ajin are not recognized as human beings. One fateful day, following a traffic accident after school, Kei is revived to realize that he himself is an Ajin. Thus commences the enthralling tale of Kei’s daring escape, as he is labeled as Japan’s third Ajin.

Will There Be a Third Season of Ajin: Demi-Human?

As of June 2022, neither Netflix nor Polygon Picture, nor any other companies associated with the series, have issued an official statement regarding the renewal of a third season. Nevertheless, it should be noted that renewals can manifest even after considerable lapses of time. Our speculation concerning the likelihood of a third season, based on the manga, disc sales, and popularity, is expounded below.

Manga Status of the Anime

The original manga, from which the anime is derived, was skillfully crafted by Gamon Sakurai and lavishly illustrated by Tsunina Miura. This captivating manga series was serialized in the esteemed Good! Afternoon magazine from 6th July 2012 to 5th February 2021, spanning 16 volumes.

While the initial five volumes of the manga were adapted into the first season of Ajin, the second season diverged into original storytelling, leaving substantial untapped material. The conclusion of the second season tantalizingly left several narrative avenues open, offering potential for a new season based on the manga or original content.

Disc Sales and Popularity

Typically, an average of 4,000 disc sales is required to secure approval for a new anime season. Regrettably, the disc sales of Ajin have been rather modest: 1547 units for the first volume, 754 for the second, 553 for the third, and 359 for the fourth. Such figures present evident financial risks and make the prospect of a third season highly improbable.

However, in terms of popularity, the anime enjoys a substantial following, boasting an 88.8% popularity rating on online platforms, including Google searches, and attracting over 50,000 Twitter followers. Given its significant popularity, the likelihood of a new season remains optimistic.

Potential Release Date of Season Three

Despite the absence of an official renewal for a new season, the confluence of various factors renders a third season conceivable, with the exception of disc sales figures. The favorable reception and ample source materials serve as grounds for hope in the event of a renewal and the eventual advent of season 3. Rest assured, we will promptly update you upon receiving any official news regarding Ajin: Demi-Human.

Last modified: 2023年8月1日