In the recent years, Skims has emerged as a powerhouse in the fashion industry, gaining recognition as one of TIME magazine’s 100 most influential companies of 2023. Led by the iconic Kim Kardashian, the brand has evolved from its roots in intimate wear and shapewear to encompass swimwear, t-shirts, and dresses, becoming the official underwear partner of the NBA. However, behind the scenes, the understated yet immensely successful duo of Jens and Emma Grede has played a pivotal role in Skims’ meteoric rise.

The Grede Couple: A Blend of European Discretion and American Success

Jens Grede, a 45-year-old Swedish entrepreneur, and Emma Grede, a 41-year-old British businesswoman, have maintained a discreet yet highly profitable presence amidst the Kardashian limelight. While Kim Kardashian garners the media attention, the Gredes operate more behind the scenes, preferring a European-style approach to success.

Jens Grede’s background in a family of artists, with his father being acclaimed filmmaker Kjell Grede, laid the foundation for his creative endeavors. He ventured into the fashion advertising world, co-founding the Saturday Group (now Wednesday Agency) in 2003 with friend Erik Torstensson. This agency not only connected celebrities with brands but also ventured into their own business ventures, including the luxury menswear retailer Mr Porter and the leather-focused fashion label Frame.

Emma Grede, on the other hand, began her journey in the fashion industry with internships at Gucci, eventually specializing in fashion show production. Her path intertwined with Jens’ when she joined the Saturday Group, leveraging its extensive portfolio to establish a significant presence in London’s fashion scene. It was during this time that Emma crossed paths with Kris Jenner, leading to the inception of Good American, a denim brand co-founded by Emma and Khloé Kardashian, which saw astounding success from its inception.

The Alliance with the Kardashians: A Strategic Partnership

The collaboration with the Kardashian family marked a turning point for the Gredes, propelling them into the American fashion landscape. Relocating from London to Bel Air, Los Angeles, they entrenched themselves in the Kardashian empire, not only as business partners but also as trusted confidants. Beyond Good American, the Gredes ventured into other projects with the Kardashians, including the household cleaning brand Safely with Kris Jenner and the fashion line Khy with Kylie Jenner.

However, it is Skims that remains their crowning achievement in the celebrity-driven fashion business. With Kim Kardashian at the helm as designer and creative director, the brand has redefined shapewear, tapping into the evolving needs of women and making undergarments fashionable again. Meanwhile, the Gredes have significantly increased their wealth, holding majority ownership of Skims and solidifying their status as the Midas of celebrity-endorsed brands in the United States.

The Business Strategy: Leveraging Celebrity Influence

At the core of Skims’ success lies a savvy business strategy that harnesses the power of celebrity endorsement. Jens Grede’s foresight in recognizing the influence of popular faces paved the way for collaborations that resonate with the masses. From Natalie Portman for Miss Dior to Beyoncé for H&M, the Gredes have masterfully orchestrated partnerships that elevate brands and drive sales.

Emma Grede’s keen eye for market trends and inclusivity has been instrumental in Skims’ growth. Her initial concept of creating chic, body-positive denim with Good American laid the foundation for Skims’ ethos of empowerment and inclusivity. By catering to a diverse range of body types and championing inclusivity, Skims has captured a loyal customer base and set new standards in the fashion industry.

Cultural Impact and Personal Branding

Beyond their business acumen, the Gredes have cultivated a significant cultural impact, transcending the realms of fashion and entrepreneurship. Emma Grede’s appearances as a guest judge on Shark Tank have elevated her profile, showcasing her expertise in business and innovation. Her Instagram presence, albeit modest compared to the Kardashian juggernaut, offers glimpses into her personal life, including moments with political figures like Kamala Harris and Barack Obama, as well as cherished family memories with Jens and their four children.

In contrast, Jens Grede maintains a more low-key online presence, with a private Instagram account and a description that simply reads, “I like popular culture.” This juxtaposition underscores their differing approaches to personal branding, with Emma embracing visibility while Jens opts for a more reserved demeanor.


The success story of Skims is not merely a tale of fashion triumph but a testament to the strategic partnership between the Kardashian empire and the entrepreneurial prowess of Jens and Emma Grede. Through their innovative business strategies, commitment to inclusivity, and adept navigation of celebrity culture, the Gredes have solidified their status as influential figures in the fashion industry. As Skims continues to thrive and redefine beauty standards, the legacy of Jens and Emma Grede serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

Last modified: 2024年4月27日